Thursday, September 9, 2010

Twin List Thursday

Not long after having my twins, I went through some rather difficult times. Some of it was lack of sleep, some of it was hormones and some of it was from dealing with the ups and downs of having preemies in the NICU. I shut down for awhile and didn't want to admit that I was having problems. It all kinda came out during a visit to my OB.
As a way to deal with my emotions, I began writing. It started to form itself into a list which I later titled: Things I've Learned About Twins So Far-or Survival Skills for Parenting Twins-or Advice To Myself. As you can tell by the title I was a little wishy-washy still.
So, for reasons I'm still not sure of, I've decided to share this list with you, a few entries at a time. And since I decided to do this today and today is Thursday, I'm going to make Thursdays "Twin List Thursday" on this blog.
Some of it is funny, some stupid, some sad, but all of it is an honest reflection of how I was feeling at the time. I do not do this for sympathy, I do this as a way of helping myself and reminding myself of what I was going through not too long ago and exactly how far I have come. So here goes:

#1 Get over yourself-read all the books you want, talk to everyone you want, you'll never really be prepared.

#2 No, it is not "just like raising one-only double"

#3 Crying is okay- for them-for you.

Okay, that's all for today. Tomorrow I'll write something a little more uplifting.

I know I wasn't going to post any pictures of my kids, but they are only a few days old here and most newborns look alike anyways.

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  1. I love you! And you simply amaze me. I am so blessed to have you as a sister.