Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Calming Effects of Cheerios and Knitting

     I had hopes of showing off two finished quilts today but that just isn't going to happen. The kids were great and patient for me last week for the Kids Clothes Challenge, but this week they seem to have decided that enough is enough. C would just scream this eardrum-piercing scream and I kept finding O under the table and J was just plain whiny. So after many, many times of pacifying, removing and well, I don't really know what to do about a whiny boy, I turned off the machine, plunked myself down on the floor and started passing out Cheerios.
     Now, I'm not saying that Cheerios solved everything or that the real reason my kids were crabby is because they were hungry, but there is just something about Cheerios that calms kids. And there is something about my kids eating Cheerios that calms me.
     After a hardy dose of Cheerios and some milk, I was successfully able to get all three (yeah!) down for a nap. I had every intention of using their nap time to iron binding and pin quilts, but I took one look at it all and decided that I too had had enough (for a while). I picked up my knitting, refreshed myself of the pattern and began to further calm myself stitch by stitch, row by row.
     Knitting and Cheerios, a newfound way to cope with 3 under 3.

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