Thursday, September 30, 2010

Exploration and Twin List Thursday

I so love watching my little ones explore their world. J has a newly acquired/pilfered box and is placing all sorts of combinations of toys inside it. When he gets one that fits, he closes the top and shakes this way and that, listening to the sounds it makes. C and O are sitting close by watching him with fascination as they usually do. After he has shaken the box, he opens the lid and dumps the toys out onto the floor and tries a new combination. That is where C and O move in. Each picks up a toy, turns it this way, holds it up that way, puts it in their mouth, bangs it on the floor and then switches hands to repeat the whole process again. As I look at my floor, which is VERY covered in toys at this point, I can't help but smile and remember that sometimes you have to make a mess to learn something new.

Of course this spontaneous moment ends as suddenly as it starts when J decides he no longer wants to share his toys and runs around yelling, "no, no, no". Snap back to reality, time to clean up.

Twin List Thursday time:

#8 just because you get things done yesterday doesn't mean that you will get them done today-accept that!
#9 find a hobby that you can do while sitting or lying on the floor next to them (only works until they can move around and start grabbing things, then find something that you can quickly pick up and move if necessary)
#10 Breath!!

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