Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sewing, sewing, sewing and a little Knitting

Well, I've definitely been bitten again by the sewing-bug (not at all related to a bed bug). Seeing all those pretty little Mama-made dresses hanging in the closet has made me want to sew more and more and more! Whoa!
I've set the dresses aside (for a minute or two) because there is something more urgent that needs to be sewn. Two friends from my former work are having a baby shower tomorrow. I debated between clothes or quilts. Handmade clothes for babies, while sweet, only last for a few months at most, but quilts can be used for years. So quilts it is.
Since I have VERY limited sewing time (and supplies) I decided to make charm pack quilts. No pattern, just 4 charms per block, 9 blocks total with some sashing in between each. Simple, but cute.
The fabric is Animal Alphabet by Moda. Just blocks so far.

The fabric is Sent With Love by Moda. Almost finished.

I've also started a new knitting project. These so far are very easy to knit, I say so far because I've only knit 6 rows. I plan on knitting a few of these to go with the sleeveless dresses I made for C last week.


  1. I love the little sweaters. Very cute! I know of another little girl that would look adorable in a pink and brown one. :)