Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Old Children's Books

I love finding old books. At the school I used to work at, I was able to find several really amazing old books.

Like these:

The Cowboy Sam series by Edna Walker Chandler.
These date back to the mid 60's. I love the pictures. If any of my kids decide they are into cowboys, I am going to try to embroider some of these images on a quilt.

This book by far is my favorite:
Millions of Cats by Wanda Ga`g, dated 1928. The pictures are beautiful. They look like wood block prints. The coolest part is the story line. It's about an old couple that want a cat so the husband goes off to the land of cats to get one. When he gets there he can't just pick one cat, so he brings them all home. When he gets home the cats all start to fight and him and his wife hide in their house listening to them fight all night. In the morning there are no more cats to be seen, they have all killed and eaten each other. Then the couple hears a small sound coming from a bush and discover one tiny kitten has survived. They keep the kitten and live happily ever after. Now they don't make stories like that for kids anymore.

Check out the font they use. It almost looks hand written.

Even the inside cover is beautiful! The book has definitely seen better days, it was in an elementary school, so it's probably not worth anything. I just love it!

After talking with my mom, I decided to do a little research. This book is a 1929 Newberry Award Winner. Check out this link.

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