Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kids Clothes Challenge Week-Wednesday

I call this the Eric Carle Dress. I played around with my limited sewing skills and put this dress together. I still have to make the button holes on the straps and sew on the buttons. There is also a button loop on the left side to make putting on easier. I think it turned out pretty well, considering that I was working without a pattern and measuring it against my 2 year old son (J is such a good sport and I have resisted the urge to take any pictures of him with these dresses on.)

I also put the elastic on yesterday's dress and fiddled with the shoulder. I'm happy with it now. Also the picture looks a LOT nicer than the one yesterday.


  1. I love the Eric Carle Dress. You are amazing, Jamie.

  2. Jamie these are beautiful. She is going to be the best dressed little girl!