Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Yarn Love and Halloween

Look what came in the mail yesterday:
YARN! My first order from Knit Picks. It's their Swish merino in worsted weight. It says it is superwash, but after reading some reviews I'll stick with handwash. Aren't those colors beautiful? And yes, that is O's sneaky little hand again. You can also see J's hand and toes in the upper left hand corner of the picture. 
Oh yeah, he's stand on his own now, scary! (The thing on the floor is a trial piece I knit of a butterfly, it didn't turn out like I wanted it to so I gave it to the kids to play with. Is that mean?)
Today I (almost) finished O's costume (I still have to make and attach the ears). I've decided we are going as the Wizard of Oz- C will be Dorthy, O will be the lion and J is the scarecrow. When I was growing up we lived in the Midwest where is was almost always snowy at Halloween. We'd get all dressed up only to cover our costumes with our snowsuits. So I decided to try to make the kids' snowsuits their costumes (stick with me here).
I used a snowsuit we already had as a pattern and made O a lion snow suit.
Can you see how much he loves it :)

It's made from 2 layers of polar fleece so it is nice and warm. The mane is knit from Lion Brand Yarn's Fun Fur Exotics in Tigers Eye and Sensations Cello in Space Yarn Orange (both picked up at Jo-Ann's). I held the two together and cast on 3 stitches on size 6 needles, then I just knit each row until it was long enough to go from one end of the hood to the next, about 20". I sewed it on by hand with orange thread. I thought about adding fur to the wrists but I figured he'd just chew on them.
Close-up of the mane and the cute pouty face.
I have to make a quick run to the fabric store when my hubby gets home and pick up some white fleece for C's costume. I hope to get that done tomorrow.

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