Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bad Blogger

     I am seriously feeling guilty here for being such a bad blogger. I guess I did warn you at the start, but I still feel bad. I've been so very busy with making items for the craft fair. I'm really very new to this whole designing process and it is hard for me to bring to life what I see in my mind. Then when it doesn't look right, I get frustrated and want to give up (story of my life). I am truly forcing myself to finish what I set out to do. I would much rather make cute dresses for C and pants for J and O and bake cookies and muffins and knit warm hats for my babes' heads (since winter is so close here in AK), but instead I make (and sometimes remake) bracelets and try to put together a tutorial for you, and, and, and......Whoa!
     Okay, I've decided to use this me-time (AKA the kids' nap time) as a no-crafting-for-the-craft-fair-time. I know I'll most likely regret it, since there is only 3 more days (double Yikes!). Oh well, I need to regain my sanity sometimes, even if it is just a little bit at a time.
     Wow, what a ramble that was! Sorry, again.

Recent fabric purchases that are just waiting to be made into clothes for the kids.

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  1. Don't let the preparing for the craft fair stress you out. You already have quite a bit stocked up already. Muffins or cookies sounds much better to me ;)