Monday, October 18, 2010

Thanks for Waiting

I took a short break from crafting and blogging after the craft fair. We did pretty well at the craft fair this year, not as good as the first year, but better than last year. I took all three kids with me to start. I got there a little later than I planned on (silly me for thinking that I could get 3 kids fed, changed and in clean clothes in only 30 minutes!), so I missed seeing most of my friends from my former work. The hubby got off work that day at 4 and hurried over to help out. After an hour or so, he took J to Grandma's and then returned. The babies stayed with us the whole time and were very well behaved.
Last year I made ghost pops which are just fabric covered Tootsie Pops decorated with scary faces. I couldn't keep enough of them out and sold every single one. This year I added a little colored nylon mess to them and made two bags worth, thinking they'd be a hit again. Boy was I wrong! I think I only sold around 5 of them. Anyone want to buy around 30 cutely, spookily decorated Toostie Pops? Email me (address to the right) and we can discuss a price.

I did pick up a couple of must-haves from other vendors.
This gorgeous hank of hand dyed/hand spun yarn is from an amazing local woman. Her etsy shop is Moose in Socks. This yarn is a soybean/alpaca blend and soooo soft. It's a fingering weight, which I've never used but those beautiful colors make me want to try. What to make? (That's O's little hand there. He's a quick one, snatched it up only seconds after I snapped this picture.)
(I know, I'm breaking my own rule here.) I also bought C a new hat. I know I can knit her one myself (and I will), but it won't be nearly as amazing as this one. Isn't she a sweet pea?
 I also started an etsy shop, you can find it here. I've got a few pens that my Dad turned on there as well as one of my Halloween table runners. I plan on putting some homemade dresses on as well as some of my hubby handiwork (Oh yeah hubby, did I forget to tell you?) I'll preview items here first.
Well off to the design board (I really don't have a design board, but I can dream). My next project is to design a blanket for their car seats to keep them warm during Alaska's cold winter, something that they can't kick off. They've gotten too big for those elastic thingys that go over the top of the car seat. I'll keep you updated!


  1. Your wish is my command, Milady.

  2. Hey Jamie. I just wanted to let you know I'm still super interested in a pair or two of those adorable knit pants. Turquoise or a dark pink would be great, I'm not picky, just as long as they are as cute as O's were on Friday. Just let me know how much and Chris can bring money to work someday. You're work is beautiful. Can't wait to see what you put on Etsy.

  3. Laura-send me an email at and we can work up some details. I just ordered some superwash merino yarn, it should arrive in 5-10 days.