Thursday, October 28, 2010

Making Yogurt & Twin List Thursday

I got a EuroCuisine Automatic Yogurt Maker the other day and I am already in love with it! (I put in on my Amazon widget if you want to love one too.) I've made plain yogurt and today I tried my first batch of flavored yogurt (blueberry). It is so simple to use: heat 42 oz of milk (I used whole milk) to 180 degrees and then let cool to 110 degrees.
You are going to need a candy thermometer and keep stirring so the milk doesn't scald.
Then add flavoring: I took about 1 lb of frozen blueberries and cooked them over very low heat on the stove until they were nice and mushy. Then I used a potato masher to squish them, then I pureed them with my stick blender.
Do you like that sparkle? This is way more than needed. The extra I spread on graham crackers and fed to J. He was a big, happy blue mess!

I added 5 tablespoons of the mix to another container along with 6 oz of store-bought plain yogurt and about the same amount of the milk. I whisked it until it was smooth and then added it to the rest of the milk and whisked again.
Oooo purple!
Next I carefully poured the purply mix into the seven glass jars and put them in the machine without their lids on. I put the yogurt maker's clear lid on, set the timer for 7 hours (yep, 7 hours-so hard to wait), pushed start and that was that! Now I must wait and not disturb it.

After 7 hours the caps go on and they go in the fridge to cool. They should be ready to eat tomorrow. I'll let you know how they turn out.

Twin List time:

#17 make sure that while you are "surviving" the day, you are also taking time to get to know your babies

#18 if your husband offers to help-take him up on it, regardless of the tone he asks it in

#19 remember that your previous life isn't over-you just have to re-create yourself.

Halloween update: I took the day off from costumes yesterday, but I'm back on it. I cut out C's suit and will sew it up when the kids all wake up from their nap. Hopefully I'll have it finished today.

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