Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cold Weather Activities

No comments about "dirty windows", it's actually the plastic we have on them with kitty nose prints and little boy finger prints.
It is in the teens here and cold, cold, cold. I'm not much of a fan of cold weather so I prefer to stay indoors. There are a few good things about it though, my favorite being all the warm, yummy food that comes out of my crock pot (I so love my crock pot). Right now I have spaghetti sauce cooking and it is making the house smell sooooooo delicious! Another good cold weather activity is cleaning the oven (What?!?). No, I'm not talking about getting down on my hands and knees and sticking my head in with loads of dizzying toxic fumes. I'm lucky to have a self cleaning oven (sure I'll have to wipe out all the dust later, but it's a lot easier than scrubbing). The bonus of doing it in the winter is that it also warms the house (did I mention that we have a VERY SMALL house?).
Hmmm, now that I have all 3 kids down for naps (not sleeping yet), should I work on Christmas gifts or take a nap? Hmmmmmmmm..........

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