Thursday, April 7, 2011

Stroller Blanket

It's spring in Alaska and that means 40 degree weather, wind, occasional snowfall and generally gloomy weather sometimes broken up by sun. Since the snow IS melting and my cabin fever is getting the best of me (and everyone else) I decided we need to get out! I also decided it was time to make some cute stroller blankets to keep the little ones warm on our outdoor walks. I wanted to make some that you could put on the stroller and slip the straps through so I wouldn't have to worry about it falling off somewhere. I also wanted it to have a sack that would go over their legs and torso that they couldn't wiggle out of.

To get the pattern, I laid out a pair of their footie jammies on a large piece of paper (I used the jammies because I knew I couldn't get them to lay still) and traced around it leaving a large amount of kicking room. The back has flaps on either side to wrap over their body and is a single layer of fleece. The foot sack is made of two layers of fleece and comes up to about their armpits. To get the measurements for the straps, I just placed it on the stroller seat and felt where the straps went and cut slits. Later I think I will reinforce the slits by zig zagging around them with my sewing machine.

Doesn't he look cozy? Now I just have to make some warm booties for their feet and some mittens that will actually stay on.

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  1. You just continue to amaze me! You have been blessed with a gift. And I also love how J is wearing his big cousin's hand-me-down t-shirt.