Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Summer Clothes

I've been working on sewing the kids' summer clothes lately. The boys will each get a couple of pairs of shorts, since they already have a bunch of summer clothes (yeah way-end of season clearance sales). C, however, isn't so lucky. Most of her clothes were given to us by a very generous co-worker and friend of my hubby's. Her little girl was just over a year old at the time so the clothes we received went up to about a year. (They have since moved to Australia, lucky ducks!) So I am trying to sew all of C's clothes (minus some bloomers and leggings that I picked up at an end of season clearance at Gymboree.) Here's the progress so far, at least the ones I have pictures of:

A combination of two different patterns

A pillowcase dress that will look much better without the fleece jammies

cute, but I think the shoulder straps are too long

One of my favorites: a reversible pinafore shirt

Mostly my own design, still needs work to look less muu-muu

Another favorite made from a Heidi and Finn pattern using Alexander Henry's Larkspur fabric

This one just needs straps, was supposed to be a dress, but I messed up cutting
There are still a few that haven't been photographed and/or finished.

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